Spring is back at The Mix!

We’ll be partying with our old friends at The Mix on Friday, April 25. Our first set starts at 7:00 PM at Community Living Toronto, 50 Fairfax Crescent in Scarborough (NW of Warden and St. Clair).

So much food!

We want to thank everyone who came out to join us in Richmond Hill at the Honest Lawyer. We had fun, got some great feedback on our sound, and raised a very respectable donation to the food bank.
Many thanks also to Michael Baranowski for his keen ears and able hands as our new sound technician.

Currently, we are preparing for our next event, which will be on April 25.
Details to follow.

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Bring your Sweeties, and some canned meaties

Save this date: Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014. 7:30PM. It’s not Valentine’s day; it’s better!
Party with your favourite North York rockers, lonely hearts, and aficionados of good pub fare.
We are asking for donations to the local food bank. It’s a harsh winter, and we need to share the love. Join us on Valentine’s Eve, at The Honest Lawyer 115 York Blvd, Unit 9, Richmond Hill, ON. L4B 3M3 (905) 886-5879. Reservations are recommended.

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Morphing Eskimo Krishna

Danny moves me.


Fall Tour

We have some private events booked for the fall, now. Please check back for updates on public appearances.

Technical Difficulties–UPDATE

Now, we just have to get off of your favorite search engine’s black-list and get this site humming again.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Technical Difficulties

We apologize for the technical difficulties on the site…
We hope to have this fixed up by June 9. Thanks for your patience.

Citizen Chuck

Our keys man is a local celebrity, and an all-round do-gooder. Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee Award, Chuck!

The Honest Lawyer: The Revenge

Happy New Year, friends!
Your fabulous Faded Genes are returning to The Honest Lawyer in Richmond Hill! We’ve been working on some new tunes and we’re excited to hear your feedback, so bring your rotten tomatoes dancin’ shoes and your wing man (or wing woman?) on Thursday, January 17th at 7:30 pm.

Honest Lawyer Restaurant
115 York Blvd, Unit 9
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 3B4

T: 905-886-5879

The food is definitely better than your average pub fare, so do give a call to reserve your dinner table. You know how it is… you wait too long and you’re seated next to the bathroom… pheh!

What else? We’re collecting donations for the Whitechurch-Stouffville Food Bank, so please bring a couple cans.

Also on the menu?
-Does Danny have a tan?
-Will Arnie bring his 14 grandchildren for a dance marathon?
-What’s Adam’s facial hair up to these days?
-Does Matt still smile?
-Does Chuck have a new organ?
-Why do they call Brian “Bubbleneck” anyways?
-Did Abe invent the tube amp?
-Does Peter drink fosberry wine? Is it red, white or blue?

All this and more on Jan 17. See you there!

Spooky Saturday

We were in a North York state of mind tonight at Earl Bales Community Centre. So many amazing Halloween costumes, like ‘deviled egg,’ ‘friendly zombie’ and ‘clown from hell.’ Not to mention, a 2 foot dragon! Yup.

If you weren’t there, ya shoulda been. We rocked. The guests had a great time, but probably not more than us. What a great crowd to play for!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Thank you CHIRS and BIST for throwing another great Halloween shindig.