Peter Fosbery

Guitars/one harmonica/vocals/occ. keyboards – the undisputed leader of the band to all but the other members of the band; puts the “Fabulous” in the Faded Genes.

“Foz” has been a band member for the past 8 years. He plays keyboard, guitar, and sings. Born in England , he started playing music at the age of 15. In his university years, he did some limited playing in the bar circuit as member of “The Ascots” at the Royal Military College and “Max Plywood and the Outdoor Toilet” while at Queen’s. “Foz” has a passion for playing original 60’s tunes and appreciates both Folk and Country music. “Foz” is an entertainer by nature well-known for his look-alike Elvis impersonations. His talent, spirit, and physical brawn ensure that the Fabulous Faded Genes is a desirable charity band. He loves to play at Baby Boomer Birthday parties and reunions.

Peter runs his own insurance agency, is married and has 4 children.