Matt Moyer

Lead Vocals and otherwise responsible for any mistakes made by those playing instruments.

I was a lucky guy to be able to grow up listening to the records of the eight brothers and sisters (all older than me) at home. My guitar playing was never going to launch my music career but I did love to sing. My issue as I continued to learn guitar was simple:  five fingers and six strings.

In June of 1981, I stood on the stage at the ‘Legion Hall’ and sang Heart like a Wheel in front of a full audience. At the end of the song, some lady threw her high-heeled shoe at me and just missed my head.  I had arrived.

As the lead singer of Mirror Image,  I was able to experience some great gigs. Our band won the Battle of the Band at the Masonic Temple (Concert Hall) in 1983. We received $500 and some recording time.  The band stayed local and ended up playing clubs around the GTA. I was able to play in some great places and some not-so-great places but I loved to play it all especially ‘Larry’s Hideaway’.  I am told that all great Toronto bands had to pass through the bowels of this Gerrard Street shrine.

In 1986, I joined East Meets West . This band featured Bob and Kurt Reid who went on to form Triple Play . This band (East Meets West) played the club circuit. I was able to play at the Nags Head (north and Eaton Centre) as well as the Chicken Deli and other clubs.  At one time we were managed by Dave Caplan, who was a big name in the Toronto music scene.

So here I am, back at it with the ‘Faded Genes’ and now they will have to drag me away .