Danny “thundersticks” Caplan

Drums/Vocals/thundering baritones -hopes one day to be the leader of the band.

Danny Caplan, according to his mother, “was six years old when asked to play the drums with the band at his cousins Bar Mitzvah… Danny was reported to be a real” show stopper.” Complimented by the crowd (mostly family) for his latent talent he continued to tap and bang  on furniture through most of his primary years.  Relenting, his parents finally provided some structure to the noise and banging and purchased a drum.

Born in Montreal, his varied musical interests have allowed him to dabble with other instruments including trumpet, guitar and piano. However, drums remain his passion and the only instrument he is any good at playing.

Danny spent a good portion of his adolescence playing with Fingers Feler (known then as “Bagels”) in various Chomedy  garage bands including the Family Jewels, and Five in the Attic in the late 60,s In the early 70’s he recorded an original album but then left drumming behind to attend university and later start a family.

Encouraged by his wife, Hedy, he returned to drumming in the early 90’s as an occasional back up drummer for a local Toronto charity band where he met guitarist Ian Gray, a former member.

Opportunities as “back up” were short lived and as fate would have it, Fingers Feler had remained in touch and was living in Toronto. Commitments were made and a band was born….  The name came 10 years later.

Danny is appreciated for his unwavering commitment to the band, his heavy rimmed backbeat, his contribution to band dynamics and his basement studio where the band practices on Tuesday nights.

A social worker and health care administrator by profession he is happily married for over 20 years and is the father of two boys, both budding musicians.