Brian “Bubbleneck” Elkin

Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Percussion– “Bubbleneck, you say?”  Yup.  Just watch him hit a high note.  With a big ol’ gear head perched atop, he still walks tall with a *&$%-eating grin.

Brian dropped by a rehearsal late in 2009 after his old pal Adam conned him into a little “jam session with some guys.”  The instant creative synergy of the trumpet and sax left us all speechless. That was the day that TFG’s horn section was born.

Brian started playing trumpet in 1991 after unsuccessful attempts with the piano and guitar.  He says, “it was just too hard to use both my hands at the same time.”  Since then, he has figured out how to tie his shoelaces, drive a motorcycle, and comb his hair (with both hands).  He studied music throughout school, and while playing trumpet isn’t a profession, it’s certainly going to be his life-long hobby.  Brian has been a part of local community theater group The Yorkminstrels and has played trumpet for shows including Gypsy and Hello Dolly!.  He’s had the chance to play in the Recital Hall at the Toronto Centre for the Arts (formerly Ford Centre for the Performing Arts), at the Beaches Jazz Festival, and has opened for both Ike Turner and Leon Russell while playing with the Russell Leon Band (yes, you read that right).

During business hours you can find Brian at MINI Downtown, where he is happy to provide you with a cup of coffee and a test drive of a fun and fuel-efficient car.  Please buy one, as Brian and his loving wife Sara are new parents, and they don’t expect to pay the kid’s tuition with perfect pitch, swing and syncopation.