Adam Epstein

Vocals , Saxophone, and other ‘wind’ instruments. Responsible for lowering the average age of the band by a decade.

Adam is a Grade 7 and 8 teacher at a middle school in North York. He is a proud father of two beautiful kids. Adam joined the Faded Genes in July, 2005.  Adam’s formative years were spent in Edmonton, AB and Richmond, BC.  He had a diverse musical career in high school jazz combos, a teen rock band and four leading roles in local musical stage productions. Since moving to Toronto in 1997, Adam has put his acting career on the back burner. For a while, playing music became an occasional pastime, jamming with friends on a weekend here and there. Soon enough, the F. G.’s had pity and took in the singer/saxophonist and there has been sweet, sweet harmony every since.