Abe “fingers” Feler

Rhythm/Lead Guitar/vocals – complains even if there’s no reason, has a smaller heart but is also just plain cuddly – undisputed leader of the band

In 1995, Abe was one of the founding Band members and our first Bass guitarist. Born in Israel, he immigrated to Canada at the age of 8. At age 13, with only 4 months of formal guitar training he commenced his musical experimentation and self-teaching. He is a natural and gifted musician with a tremendous ear for the right sound.

Abe was involved in the mid and late 60’s with the various garage and basement bands in the Montréal suburb of Chomedey. He played Venture tunes with “Sydney Morgue and the Gravediggers” in 1964, Top 40”s tunes with the “Missing Links” in 1966, the Rascals, Vanilla Fudge and 3 Dog Night tunes in “The Family Jewels” in 1967, and 5 in the Attic in 1969. Abe continued to experience different kinds of bands and music part time for the following decade including one television appearance in 1971. In 1980, he relocated to Toronto where he hung up his strings to focus on career as a computer/electronics geek. Abe is married with three kids . He has a passion for jazz and the jazz world, and loves the complexity of its chords and harmony. He steers our Band with his vision of a tight sound, great vocal harmony and a dynamic approach to music.